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  • Debbie Baisden

Healthy Halloween!

Happy almost Halloween!🎃 I want you to fully enjoy the upcoming holiday, including the TREATS part!

Here's the thing. October 31st is not what will derail you. Read that again.

That's right, it's okay to eat some fun-sized candies and enjoy the sweetness!

The problem comes with the DAYS SURROUNDING Halloween. That means all of this weekend and all of next week. This is when self-sabotage could unfold. One day is a blip on the radar. A week, however, can cause some damage.

You need a plan. Decide in advance what your boundaries are with treats and boo-ze. If you wait to see how you feel in the moment, well, you're going to go overboard.

🍬Here's how I personally have a healthy and happy holiday:

* Wait to buy candy so it's not a temptation for dayssssss

* Buy candy I dislike

* Stay hydrated and mix in BCAAs

* Stay nourished with foods God grows

* Have healthy alternatives ready and waiting (I've got Crave peanut butter cups AND bars AND Coco Whip in my kitchen right now)

* Decide how much "candy tax" I want from my kids before they trick-or-treat

* Remind myself that candy is sold every day of the year and is within 5 miles from my house at all times

* Before mindlessly unwrapping loot, pause, and make sure it's candy I really like

* Before mindlessly tearing into the confections, pause, and ask myself how I will feel physically and mentally AFTER indulging to make sure it's worth it

* Before mindlessly chomping down on all-the-chocolate, pause, and remind myself to slowly savor each bite

* No disordered eating is allowed (eating in secret, bingeing, hiding wrappers, starving before or after, punishing with exercise before or after)

* Have an exit strategy for remaining candy on Tuesday


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