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  • Debbie Baisden

Natural remedies for sickness

As I type, I have a child on day 4 of feeling like garbage.  It's so "fun."

I know we all hate this time of year when everyone seems contagious with some kind of virus. 

I try to avoid a lot of over the counter medications -- check the labels and you'll see most have artificial sweeteners in the ingredients list.  The body receives fake sugars as a toxin.  And when the body receives a toxin, it becomes inflamed.  When the body experiences inflammation, it feels sick (and tired and achy).  So basically, your OTC medications can actually make you sick...not well.

Uh no. 

I'm a much bigger fan of natural remedies when under the weather. 

So here are some basic things to do at home when sickness strikes (in no particular order, because I'm too busy being my kid's nurse):

* Probiotics + Nourish.  70% of your immune system is in your gut.  So while it's great to wash your hands, you also need to take a probiotic daily.  I even do a morning pill and another again in the afternoon. Since most of your immune system is in your gut, monitor your nutrition. Often we have to shift to survival mode and eat what we tolerate (Sprite and crackers), but let's not downward spiral into all the junk foods to comfort us.

* Hydrate.  Flush the system of the funk.  And go ahead and enjoy some hot tea with honey as well as soothing broth.  For a sore throat, gargle warm salt water throughout the day.

* Rest + De-Stress.  Conserve energy and let your body work on recovery.  You'll be too tired to do much anyway.  I often get asked if it's okay to walk/exercise when under the weather.  There's the expression, "If it's in your head, go ahead.  If it's in your chest, it's best to rest."  But honestly, I say go with your gut.  If you have the energy and desire for a slow stroll, try it.  If you know you can't function for even 5 minutes, stay on the couch.  I've sometimes compromised by doing a shorter, less intense workout, just to stay moving in hopes of boosting wellness. Stress is an invisible force that's out to attack every system of our body. It wants to destroy you. In order to improve our immune system, we need to reduce our stress through self-care and stress management. Take time to say no, have sex, pray, cuddle pets, take a walk, and read a book.

* Bathe.  A warm bath and/or a steamy shower will require energy, but if you can, it can bring comfort.  Speaking of steam, go ahead and get a humidifier running in the room where you're quarantined.

* Elevate.  Use an extra pillow to assist drainage and ease a headache.

* Eat.  If you have an appetite, typically bland foods are tolerable.  Just make sure you're not causing inflammation (like in the medicine example I shared).  The goal is so survive sickness with whatever you can keep down, but be aware that some foods with a lot of sugar / carbs / dairy can slow the healing process.

* Elderberry.  Try to get your hands on locally made syrup if you can.  We start using lozanges the instant we feel "off" to try and prevent worsening.

* Essential oils.  I am pretty ignorant about essential oils, to be honest, but many swear by them, so ask some friends in the know which ones to try.

* Zarbee's.  I love this brand because their ingredients are healthy.  We use their Vitamin C drink mix, lozanges, and syrups at our house.

* Vitamins & Minerals.  While there can be some different schools of thought here, I am a big fan of Vitamin D (more important than Vitamin C) which requires Vitamin K in order to absorb.  GET OUTSIDE MIDDAY for natural Vitamin D from the sun as well. I also like zinc (found in Zarbee's lozanges).  And I use 1 teaspoon of colloidal silver each day.  

* Pray.  Get others praying for you, since sometimes praying for yourself calls for too much energy.  

I really hope you're spared sickness this season!  But if symptoms show up, you're equipped to fight!

Oh, and stock up BEFORE ailments arrive!  I try to grab these while at the drug store and/or on Amazon!

What else would you add to the list?  I'd love to hear!

Good luck!


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