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  • Debbie Baisden


Want to lose weight? Skip the Gym and GO TO BED! That’s right! Sleep aids weight loss like nothing else! Here is the SKINNY on sleep!

1st things first: Listen to this Song: “Can’t Sleep” by Above & Beyond


  • 7-8 hours needed per night, (not 6!) Don’t overdo it either, lazy bones!

  • Prioritize getting more shut-eye (make it happen!)

  • Sleep causes hormonal reset (that’s a great thing)

  • Create a bedtime ritual: reading, cool temps, bathing, screens off

  • Skip workout for a nap (if you only have 30 minutes and you’re exhausted, lights out for you)

  • Sleep-deprivation makes you grouchy (then your family and coworkers hate you)

  • No sleep… no motivation to exercise (and less strength to do the work)

  • Less sleep… hormonally set up for failure! You’ll crave carbs, you’ll have less willpower (especially for late-night cravings)

  • If you’re asleep, you are unable to put your hand to your mouth!

  • Fatigue makes you insulin sensitive (your body holds fat with high cortisol levels as its put into flight-or-flight mode)

  • Sleep assists with post-workout recovery

  • Lack of sleep results in dull brain activity and inability to make good choices

  • Not getting enough rest forces you to be impulsive (I should eat 12 cookies, not 1)

  • Be lazy because shut eye burns calories

  • Sleep just feels good

  • Keep a consistent schedule 7 days a week

  • Make small changes. Start by adjusting your schedule so you get 30 extra minutes per night.

  • Struggle with insomnia? Try magnesium and lavender.

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