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  • Debbie Baisden


Want to lose weight? Skip the Gym and GO TO BED! That’s right! Sleep aids weight loss like nothing else! Here is the SKINNY on sleep!


  • 7-8 hours needed per night, (not 6!) Don’t overdo it either, lazy bones!

  • Prioritize getting more shut-eye (make it happen!)

  • Sleep causes hormonal reset (that’s a great thing)

  • Create a bedtime ritual: reading, cool temps, bathing, screens off

  • Skip workout for a nap (if you only have 30 minutes and you’re exhausted, lights out for you)

  • Sleep-deprivation makes you grouchy (then your family and coworkers hate you)

  • No sleep… no motivation to exercise (and less strength to do the work)

  • Less sleep… hormonally set up for failure! You’ll crave carbs, you’ll have less willpower (especially for late-night cravings)

  • If you’re asleep, you are unable to put your hand to your mouth!

  • Fatigue makes you insulin sensitive (your body holds fat with high cortisol levels as its put into flight-or-flight mode)

  • Sleep assists with post-workout recovery

  • Lack of sleep results in dull brain activity and inability to make good choices

  • Not getting enough rest forces you to be impulsive (I should eat 12 cookies, not 1)

  • Be lazy because shut eye burns calories

  • Sleep just feels good

  • Keep a consistent schedule 7 days a week

  • Make small changes. Start by adjusting your schedule so you get 30 extra minutes per night.

  • Struggle with insomnia? Try magnesium and lavender.


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