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If the fact that you have to figure out what’s for dinner every day makes you want to cry, and you’ve been giving yourself a pep talk to stick to healthier choices and start exercising, but can’t make it stick, then this is the place for you.

In the spring of 2016 I was tired of coming up with healthy dinners my entire family would eat without complaining and had zero time to throw something gourmet together. ​

So I created a four-week meal plan to simplify our life, and told a few friends about it. That meal plan I created out of desperation has helped hundreds of families across the globe. Women just like you create delicious, home-cooked meals that actually help you lose weight, without meal planning, meal prep or ridiculous grocery list writing. 

In fact, it's grown so much, that I've turned it into a membership platform where you can get access to months and months worth of workouts, videos, recipes, menus, grocery lists and more.

Each month you’ll be given 40 dairy-free recipes that promote fat loss, please the pickiest eaters and require zero planning, and new workouts that get you results quick.


• You’re ready to lose inches for good, but feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to eat healthy by yourself.

• You’re tired of picking up take out, but have no time to fix gourmet meals, let alone plan for them.

• You’ve tried going to the gym consistently, but you actually quit going in February because you didn’t see results.

• You really don’t love exercise, but know you NEED to get moving.

• You’re a little bit afraid this body is as good as it’s going to get... goodbye 20s and 30s. Forever. 

• You look in the mirror and say mean things about yourself in your head.

• You are a queen at pinning healthy recipes on Pinterest, yet never get around to trying them and (who knows if they’re even healthy?!)

• You swear you’re eating healthy, yet your body is not showing any results.

• You aren’t sure what to eat and what’s stopping you from shedding those stubborn pounds because the rules and diets are always changing.

• You’re not even sure it’s possible to lose weight because nothing else has worked for you.


“I have more energy, patience, focus, drive, 
leveling out of moods, and experience less anxiety, My asthma isn't as bad, my skin is better, I cope with stress better, clothes fit and I am a size smaller and lost 15 inches total. “

- Carri

"Down 1 1/2 inches in my waist already on Day 8. I think I was so bloated when I started from all the junk I had been putting in my body...
always nice to see progress." 


- Sarah

The problem is you’ve been told if you just motivate 
yourself enough, that the weight will come off. 

Try harder. Want it more. Talk yourself into it.


you need a plan and a proven system that teaches you how 
to eat and move that are most effective for your body

  •  Imagine if you had meals planned for the entire month and could stroll into the grocery store right now, list in hand (or better yet, order it online) without planning a single thing?

  • Imagine if you could stop putting in hours at the gym because now you can sneak a 20 minute workout in while binge-watching your favorite show and start seeing results immediately?

  • Imagine if you stopped worrying about the number on the scale and started thinking about where to find smaller pants because yours are now loose. For the first time in a long time.

  • Imagine if your family actually ate every bite of dinner without complaining and you knew it was 100% good for them.

"Does anyone else just feel happier?  I feel like I'm back in control.  I actually look forward to meal prepping these meals and love the 
workouts. coworkers always want 
MY lunch."

- Anna

"I literally feel like I've deflated!  Everywhere.  My skin looks better and I feel so much better."

- Lindsay


This is for the woman who is ready to say YES to herself and shed those pounds that make you cringe for good.

This is for the woman who is ready to say goodbye to exhaustion and cravings, and hello to energy and a body she’s proud of. 

This is for the woman who is ready to bring sexy back, and stop describing herself as soft, pudgy or “needing to lose that baby weight." 

This is for the woman that wants to feel truly happy and in control of her life and choices again. 


And for the woman who is tired of using time as an excuse for why she feels miserable


The menus, tools and proven system HAVE worked for hundreds of women just like you to lose the weight without scales, counting calories or fad diets.


  • Each month receive 40 dairy-free recipes such as: Lemon Blueberry Blender Muffins, Crockpot Beef & Broccoli Bowl, Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread, Tomato Basil Frittata, “Wendy’s” Frosty, Mexican Steak with Avocado Salsa, Pina Colada Oat, Paleo Stew and MUCH MORE. 

  • ​4 weeks of fast workouts designed to help accelerate body change and boost your metabolism, including both written and full-length workout videos.

  • Track your success with my Success Tracker, and watch you body shape up and slim down during each month.

  • Complete ready-to-print grocery lists for all the included meals so once the month kicks off, you’re ready to head straight to the store... no need to spend hours remembering everything you need.

  • ​Adorable printable calendar to help you stay focused and motivated the whole month long, with details about what meal is scheduled for the day, when and how to workout, how much water you’re drinking and more!

  • Private Facebook group for my VIP clients to encourage, inspire and ask questions to.

  • Healthy snacks cheat sheet to help you stay on track and crush cravings fast!



1. Each month I'll release a NEW monthly menu, with all the recipes, your grocery list, the month’s workouts, success tracker, printable calendar and you'll get access to the private FB group.

2. In our private Facebook group, you’ll get support, guidance and community, along with tips, pictures of meals and workout hacks to stay on track throughout the entire month. 

3. But there's more... not only do you get a new plan each month, you ALSO get my entire catalog of hundreds of recipes, workouts, videos, tips and more at your fingertips forever.


pick your option:

With the Fit + Fresh Membership, you'll have the ability to choose which level you want access to including: 

  • Fit Membership: $39/month
    Includes: brand new monthly video and written workouts  and workout vault

  • Fresh Membership: $79/month
    Includes: brand new monthly menus, grocery lists and recipe vault

  • Fit & Fresh Membership: $97/month
    Includes: brand new monthly workout videos, menus and grocery lists, access to the recipe and workout vaults, monthly live coaching calls, free challenges with prizes


What if I don’t like the recipes?
Let me tell you exactly what’s included in every meal plan, recipe, menu, -- in EVERYTHING -- I create:

  • Delicious

  • Easy

  • Picky eater approved

  • Energizing

  • De-bloating

  • Trimming


But on a technical side, what we’re fixing each month are meals made with real food, real ingredients and cooked quickly with ease. Each recipe contains fresh veggies, proteins, fruits, seasonings, etc. You are welcome to swap out veggies that your family enjoys more if you like.

BUT just to be safe, I offer a 
FREE 7-Day trial so you can try it out before you commit.

The thing about getting that body you’re dreaming 
of is that it’s 80% diet and only 20% exercise. So what we put in directly affects what our outside looks like.



Can’t I just find these things on Pinterest?

Maybe? Actually, I don’t even think you can. The tricky thing about Pinterest is that so many recipes billed as “healthy” or “clean” or “Paleo” or whatever the latest trend is this month, actually are the opposite. MOST people don’t know how to read recipes to make sure that it’s actually promoting fat-loss. If it’s not promoting fat-loss, it’s not going to change your body. Period. I promise that every single recipe is specifically geared to help you lose fat while pleasing your taste buds.

Does following the monthly plan actually work?
YES, 1000% this plan works for every single person that tries it. I’ve worked with over 1,000 women (and even some men) over the past seven years on their nutrition and fitness and I KNOW it works. I’ve seen it time and time again.

I love this question, because it seems too easy, right? Just change what you’re eating and see your body and life transform? It’s almost out of Hollywood, except we ALL know that food has so many triggers for us.


Is everything chicken and broccoli?
Ewww. No, even I get tired of the go-to chicken, broccoli, and salads that most people think you have to eat. I love the variety in my foods and I know you do too. My menus have all different kinds of vegetables, meats, spices, and cuisines so that it can hit every craving and type you enjoy.

I’ve never been successful at losing weight. How do I know this isn’t going to be another failed attempt?
I am so sorry for the (probably) years of yo-yo dieting, and shame-based weigh-ins you’ve probably experienced. Here’s what I can tell you. This isn’t a diet. It isn’t designed to be a quick fix, but it CAN give you quick results. Instead of being centered around a diet with rules of what you can and can’t eat, or based on calories and portions -- this is all based on what you CAN eat and how to incorporate as much as what you love and can eat into your daily routine WHILE still shedding the fat.


I’m just in a funk right now and not motivated. I hope to find my oomph and join soon.

I hear this from women every week just dying to see real change in their body and how they feel about themselves, but too afraid that they won’t follow through. Motivation is NOT what you’re lacking (in case this is you, also).

If you’re just waiting to magically crave healthier options OR look forward to exercising, that day will never come. This isn’t to let you off easy, or convince you that you’ll never be fit and healthy.

Instead, I’m telling you you’re believing the myth that your willpower is the only thing between you and a perfect body. You were meant to stretch yourself. To treat yourself well. To put the best things and ingredients and food into your body. And I’m going to be there every bite, every meal and every win along the way so you GET results and feel motivated. Motivation follows success, so let’s achieve that.


Other commons objections:

I don’t want to get behind, so I’m afraid to do a whole month.

I only cook twice a week, so this would never work for me.

My family doesn’t eat quite this healthy OR I have picky kids that will NEVER eat any of these recipes.

I am right there with you, 100 percent. And more. We live in this fast-paced crazy world together and the name of the game is: go, go, go. I get it. You’ve got kids to carpool and chauffeur and pick-ups and drop-offs at all hours of the day. Many of you probably feel like you live in your car, and any food in your body is a win. Your kids love chicken nuggets and hot dogs and everything processed. My family is the exact same.

Everything I’ve built is designed for you to go at your own pace.

Do you need accountability and like structure? Then join us each week and follow along with the meals we’re creating on the monthly menu.

Have NO time to cook this week? Pick out 1 or 2 meals from the vault OR current menu to try this week.



The membership is NOT about perfection. It’s about making changes to your diet and lifestyle by implementing the recipes, tips, tricks, moves, etc. that actually work for you and your family and then consistently doing them more, and more, and more as your body responds and you realize you’re at your goal…. Already.


P.S. >> A special section for those on the fence reading this….

You have no valid reason not to try this. Won’t it be nice to love the body you see when you wake up each day and feel confident and sexy again?

“I don’t have $97 a month”(You waste this much money every month on fast-food, drive-thru coffee splurgers and afternoon sodas trying to stay awake. Borrow it if you have to and let’s get going.)

“I’m too busy to get started”(Too busy doing what? Eating is not optional. It’s already what you’re doing 3x a day. Body changes don’t happen magically, I wish they did!)


“It won’t work for me” (That little voice in your head is the very thing you must defeat to be successful. It’s what’s actually holding you back, not the food in front of you. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, because I’m taking all the risk here. You might just surprise yourself.)

Join today while it’s fresh on your mind…. And get the first 7 days free.


 “Week 1 is over for me and 
FOUR pounds down!” 

- Beth

"I have more energy and confidence... 
and my clothes fit better. Woot!" 

- Summer

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