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Fit in February

group coaching program


If the fact that you have to figure out what’s for dinner every day makes you want to cry, and you’ve been giving yourself a pep talk to stick to healthier choices and start exercising, but can’t make it stick, then this is the place for you.

In the spring of 2016 I was tired of coming up with healthy dinners my entire family would eat without complaining and had zero time to throw something gourmet together. ​

So I created a four-week meal plan to simplify our life, and told a few friends about it. That meal plan I created out of desperation has helped hundreds of families across the globe. Women just like you create delicious, home-cooked meals that actually help you lose weight, without meal planning, meal prep or ridiculous grocery list writing. 

Each month you’re given 40 dairy-free recipes that are promote fat loss, please the pickiest eaters and require zero planning.

Carmen shared, "I'm down almost 2 inches...But, what I've gained I can not measure.  I have none of my old sugar cravings, I'm not turning to my carby snacks and I love the feeling of practicing self-discipline.  I'm one happy woman!"


• You’re ready to lose inches for good, but feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to eat healthy by yourself.

• You've overindulged and now your waistline is showing the effect.

• You’re tired of picking up take-out, but have no time to fix gourmet meals, let alone plan for them.

• You’re contemplating joining a gym next week despite the fact you hate going just because you need some kind of accountability to get your eating and health under control.

• You really don’t love exercise, but know you NEED to get moving.  And you're JUST. SO. TIRED.

• You’re a little bit afraid this body is as good as it’s going to get... goodbye 20s and 30s. Forever. 

• You look in the mirror and say mean things about yourself in your head.

• You are a queen at pinning healthy recipes on Pinterest, yet never get around to trying them and (who knows if they’re even healthy?!)

• You swear you’re eating healthy, yet your body is not showing any results.

• You aren’t sure what to eat and what’s stopping you from shedding those stubborn pounds because the rules and diets are always changing.

• You’re not even sure it’s possible to lose weight because nothing else has worked for you.

“I have more energy, patience, focus, drive, 
leveling out of moods, and experience less anxiety, My asthma isn't as bad, my skin is better, I cope with stress better, clothes fit and I am a size smaller and lost 15 inches total. “

- Carri

"Down 1 1/2 inches in my waist already on Day 8. I think I was so bloated when I started from all the junk I had been putting in my body...
always nice to see progress." 


- Sarah

The problem is you’ve been told if you just motivate 
yourself enough, that the weight will come off. 

Try harder. Want it more. Talk yourself into it.


you need a plan and a proven system that teaches you how 
to eat and move that are most effective for your body

  •  Imagine if you had meals planned for the entire month and could stroll into the grocery store right now, list in hand (or better yet, order it online) without planning a single thing?

  • Imagine if you could stop putting in hours at the gym because now you can sneak a 20 minute workout in while binge watching your favorite show and start seeing results immediately?

  • Imagine if you stopped worrying about the number on the scale and started thinking about where to find smaller pants because yours are now loose. For the first time in a long time.

  • Imagine if your family actually ate every bite of dinner without complaining and you knew it was 100% good for them.

"What we've gained as a family is tremendously more impactful than any inches I've lost (6 inches, by the way).  Our family is eating healthier, we exercise together (my kids actually beg to exercise with me) but most importantly we have seen a huge change in our daughter.  She is eating what we cook and it is positively impacting her behavior.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"


"I literally feel like I've deflated!  Everywhere.  My skin looks better and I feel so much better."

- Lindsay


This is for the woman who is ready to say YES to herself and shed those pounds that make you cringe for good.

This is for the woman who is ready to say goodbye to exhaustion and cravings, and hello to energy and a body she’s proud of. 

This is for the woman who is ready to bring sexy back, and stop describing herself as soft, pudgy or “needing to lose that baby weight." 

This is for the woman that wants to feel truly happy and in control of her life and choices again. 


And for the woman who is tired of using time as an excuse for why she feels miserable.

"I am down a total of 6.75 inches...I don't feel bloated anymore and don't feel the need to "suck in" my gut...I am amazed at how this has changed my energy level and my sleep.  I sleep hard at night and don't find myself tired and sluggish during the day anymore."  Jill


The menus, tools and proven system HAVE worked for hundreds of women just like you to lose the weight without scales, counting calories or fad diets.


  • 40 dairy-free recipes like: Chinese Pepper Steak, Slow Cooker Gingerbread Oatmeal, Cherry Cobbler, Chicken Piccata, Baked Buffalo Wings and MUCH MORE. 

  • 4 weeks of fast workouts designed to help accelerate body change and boost your metabolism, including both written and full-length workout videos.

  • Track your success with my Measurement Tracker, and watch you body shape up and slim down during our 4 weeks together. 

  • Complete ready-to-print grocery list for all the included meals so once the month kicks off, you’re ready to head straight to the store... no need to spend hours remembering everything you need.

  • Adorable printable calendar to help you stay focused and motivated the whole month long, with details about what meal is scheduled for the day, when and how to workout, how much water you’re drinking and more!

  • Private Facebook group for my VIP clients to encourage, inspire and ask questions to.

"I am down 6" total!! I have more energy and overall just feel better!  I also love having these recipes in my "pocket!"  Easy and delicious!!"




1. You’ll receive via email our monthly menu, all the recipes, your grocery list, the month’s workouts, measurement tracker, printable calendar and access to the private FB group!

2. In our private Facebook group, you’ll get support, guidance and community, along with tips, pictures of meals and workout hacks to stay on track throughout the entire month. 

3. You feel like Courtney, who shared, "I am down 4 inches...I am feeling so good!  I feel like I have so much more energy and don't feel blah all the time from eating junk!"

"Down 5 inches and 10 lbs!  YeeHaw"



total: $97

40 dairy-free recipes that your family will love

4 weeks of fast workouts to help you

slim down & shape up

Complete ready to print grocery list of all ingredients needed

Community of women just like you
Accountability designed for success 

Printable calendar to stay on track
Success tracker

Want a little more guidance to jumpstart your fat-loss lifestyle? 

Not a fan of group programs or have a hard time staying focused? 

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"Cravings are pretty much gone.  Self confidence is so high and both of us have seen such a difference in how we feel and sleep."

- Elani

"I have more energy and confidence... 
and my clothes fit better. Woot!" 

- Summer

Let’s do this together. Me + You

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