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Discover the Ultimate Health Program for Women Over 40: Unlock the Easy Formula for Lasting Motivation & Results!


  • Do you feel panic with summer approaching . . . bloated, exhausted, and uncomfortable?



  • Are you calling yourself names as you anxiously get dressed each morning? 


  • Do you feel like EVERYTHING (yo-yo dieting / overindulging / fear of failure / travel / packed schedule) gets in the way of meeting your goals?

  • Is it time to claim confidence and vibrant health?

Hey, I'm Debbie, busy mom of 4 who hated salads and avoided sweat.  I feel better in my 40's than I did in my 30's!  I have helped women transform their bodies and feel good in their skin for over 10 years.   I have the secret to insane fat loss results without complicated rules.  No barf-worthy cardio.  No starving or restricting.  No gym membership.  No calorie counting or diet rules.  Just simple, sustainable success for a happy, healthy life!  I'm here with you every step of the way and can't wait to share the life-changing secrets that NO ONE ELSE in the industry is talking about!  I am dedicated to your success!

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No more exhausting uphill struggles, low motivation, or failure with food and fitness.  

what to expect in our
6 week solution:


Daily interaction, motivation, education, encouragement,

& accountability from a fat-loss expert so you reach

your goals, one step at a time!

P.S. I actually care about you and am here to help!



Surround yourself with our warm group of women just like you, who will celebrate your wins and inspire your successes in our private group!

P.S. It's all about grace as you take one day at a time!



Effective easy-to-follow

20- minute

home workouts that rev your metabolism, increase your energy, burn fat, and feel good in your skin FOREVER! 

P.S. No running or cardio insanity.



Learn the simple secrets to ending cravings and restrictive eating, so you can eat without obsession and feel satisfied 

(without stupid rules, deprivation, or calorie counting)!

P.S. Carbs are encouraged.



Results for life, thanks to habitually  balanced hormones, better sleep, reduced stress, and an action plan that works (even on your busiest days)!

P.S. You're destined for success by doing LESS!

We have limited spots 


OPTION 1: 🐣Early-bird discount: now through Tuesday, May 14 - $297 (one of the first 15 to enroll wins a $50 Amazon Gift Card) 

OPTION 2: May 15 - 17 $350

Be one of the first 15 to enroll for a chance to win a
$50 Amazon Gift Card!

Jaw-Dropping Results

  • Enjoy Food Freedom Without Counting Calories or Restricting

  • Drop Inches From Your Entire Body

  • Rev up Your Metabolism to Burn Fat Faster

  • Tighten and Transform Your Body

  • Feel Energized, Vibrant and Strong

  • Feel happier, sexier, confident and proud of yourself

  • Experience Consistent Motivation

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Save your spot before doors close!  Coaching starts NOW!

Join NOW, Pay LATER (that's right - pay LATER)

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Skeptical?  My Commitment & Iron-Clad Guarantee

My program has been designed and tested to help you achieve the results you want - faster and easier than you ever imagined.


My reputation for being the last stop for fitness success is backed by my 100% Happiness Guarantee - If within 5 days you don't feel this is a good fit, I will refund the full amount of the program. No questions asked. 



When do we start?

Prep Week begins right NOW in our online group so we can be ready to go! Make today amazing and start reaching your goals!  The choices you make NOW will yield big payoffs later, so start feeling great AND being ahead of the game!

How soon will I see results?

Each body is different, but you'll start noticing changes within a week or so. You'll enjoy more energy, consistent motivation, boosted confidence, reduced cravings, and improved muscle tone rapidly. It's typical to lose 6-9 inches (though I've had some women drop 29 inches) in my six-week sessions.

What if I'm out of shape?

Any age and fitness level can enjoy this program! I'll always share modifications. You'll quickly become stronger (and happier) than you dreamed possible!

Can this fit into my busy schedule / travel plans?

Absolutely! Because you'll making efficient choices for your health, you'll discover this will free up your time & mental energy since you'll have more energy and a plan done for you! This even works if you have travel plans during our program!

Do I have to do everything perfectly?

I don't even know what "perfectly" means, but it sure sounds unrealistic and unappealing! The recipes are optional and the workouts can be modified. We take it one day at a time, with plenty of built-in grace. Listen, I have no interest in twisting your arm to join. I have a limited number of spaces and only want to work with women that want the best version of themselves. That's it. We have fantastic, committed members here and once the spaces are gone, they are gone. I can't wait for you to enjoy the "progress is perfection" lifestyle as you get in the best shape of your life!

Am I really going to see much transformation with this investment?

I've helped women achieve results they thought were impossible!  Their successes include food freedom, body confidence, clothes that fit, energy increase, sleep improvement, metabolic flexibility, stress reduction, and overall vibrancy!  The real question is, what is the cost of NOT joining.  We can pay for our wellness or we can pay for our illness.  And a bag of chips with a soda costs $5 a day.  Why delay improving your health?

Real Life Transformations

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