No Excuse November!

October 23, 2016

You love fall don't you.  But do you really want to pack on the pounds from Pumpkin Spice Lattes, marshmallow smores, or lingering candy?


Tis the season for pre-resolution holiday weight gain.  Yuck.


You're so busy with work and after-school activities, and you KNOW holiday planning is just around the corner.  Are you going to eat cereal 3 times a day just to survive the craziness?  


This is the time of year when most people start hiding in leggings and oversized sweaters, allowing too many indulgences.  Let's skip New Year's Resolutions that revolve around bulging bellies and thunder thighs, shall we?


How about you enjoy the football games, family bonfires, and cuddling under blankets while I create the next 4 weeks of meals for your family?  I've designed an easy-to-follow "just tell me what to do" menu and grocery shopping list so that you no longer have to meal plan.  Instead of scanning Pinterest for meal ideas (most of them actually make you fatter), I'm catering to your body-shrinking goals.  


Not only will you set the table with ease, you're going to get stronger and leaner.  Go ahead and plan on those skinny jeans.  And buy a belt.  We're going to sweat like crazy in pajamas at home.  When?  Whenever it's convenient for you.  Call me your on-demand fitness trainer who's going to whip you into shape, whether your're new to fitness or an elite athlete.    These are no silly dancing workouts or boring-as-a-treadmill sweat sessions!  Come see how fun and fast fitness can be!  


It's time to press the EASY button.  No more excuses.


How does it work?  Your 4-Week No Excuse November includes:





  • This four week layout will provide you the structure you need to stay on track with your nutrition goals.  I’ve taken the guesswork out of what to eat for an entire month.

  • Your four week fat-loss nutrition plan is divided into 4 one-week menus that even include your print-and-go grocery shopping list for the week’s ingredients. 

  • The dozens of printable dairy-free recipes are simple and family-friendly.  I kept things as convenient as possible; recipes are easy and the list of ingredients is short.  

  • All of these tasty recipes are dairy-free and fat-loss friendly!

  • By taking the "thinking" out of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, you will begin losing unwanted fat with tasty meals that are easy to prepare and easy on your budget!




  • Look forward to your no-excuse reset as we ignite your fat-burning potential by exercising effectively!  I carefully crafted amazing full-body workouts for you that burn calories around the clock, all in the comfort of your home.

  • In just 20 minutes per workout (that's right, 20 minutes!), you will challenge every muscle group!  No gym membership needed for these at-home workouts!

  • Your 20-minute workouts make fitness fun and fast!  You will own these private YouTube videos forever!

  • You'll enjoy just one 20-minute workout video 3 days per week! -- how simple yet powerful!  Every fitness level can complete each workout!





  • In our private Facebook community, you will receive support, accountability and motivation so that you stay on track and achieve success!  

  • I'll be personally delivering all your fitness and nutrition information.  You are not doing this alone!   I'll be encouraging you every step of the way!

  • You will be equipped to look and feel your best with me by your side!



I can't wait to get started with you!  



In order to best serve those in our exclusive group, space is limited.  Reserve your spot now before it's too late!   Registration closes October 28.  Your first print-and-go grocery list and week 1 menu is in your hands October 28!  Click HERE to join!  No more excuses!

No Excuse November is currently closed. To see what menus and workouts are available right now, check out my Fit & Fresh Group Program page for details. 




  • "This has saved me so much time and energy so far! Bravo!"

  • "My kids ate everything and I thought it was easy and delicious."

  • "I love everything--and you! I like the simple/allowable change-ups when life's schedule necessitates. Love the easy-access workouts. I enjoy the community and the different levels of participation. I adore your interaction/advice/availability."

  • " I loved having the menus planned out and the grocery list ready to go. We always do grocery shopping on Saturday morning, so it worked out great for us. The menu had a ton of stuff that I would have never tried before. I vowed to try each recipe and have found so many new meals I love. The workouts were great and pushed me and my husband to try and do them together when we had the chance, bonding time! My three year old tried to do some of the planks and squats with us, so we're setting a positive example. Most of all I loved the community and support on here. I liked seeing everyone's posts and appreciated all of the input and feedback from Debbie. Overall I love this program and I'm excited to do round 2!!"

  • "I have loved every bit of the 4 weeks! Absolutely love the menus and the fact that after having my husband and teenagers commit to try ; they have learned to love things they normally wouldn't try. I also love and appreciate that you have been there to answer questions, guide and just give a positive thought! Would do this again in a heartbeat!

  • "First off, thank you, Debbie. You have been awesome. I love your attitude and your responsiveness to our questions is so impressive. My favorite part of the group was the workouts. I have noticed changes in my body after 8-10 minutes workouts, that's amazing! I had avoided exercise because of the burden of an hour+ workout multiple times a week was too much. Now, I have actually enjoyed the workouts and even look forward to them (who am I???)!?! I am excited to continue them! That's big for me! THANK YOU!!!"

  • "Debbie, you and your program are awesome! You took the planning out of eating healthy and had exercise available when I had time to fit it in my schedule. I have shared with friends how fantastic your programs are. Keep them coming!"

  • "I can't thank you enough! This may be the best program ever! you have made my grocery shopping and meal prep so much easier!! And the best part, my kids were fighting over the spiral zucchini and chicken dinner last leftovers for me and I doubled the recipe!!! I love everything about the program, please do another one!! I am a huge fan of the workout videos.  Debbie I can never thank you enough, you have changed my life so much"

  • "I have zero complaints and have adored this plan. Debbie White Wilkins Baisden is such an inspiration to so many through exercise, and meal plans with proper nutrition. More than she'll ever know!! It has opened the eyes of each and every single person in my family which has been a huge feat, but with the amazing recipes that we all LOVE! And the workouts kick my butt because I do them twice!! I'm SO wanting and looking forward to the next round. With Debbie we can't go wrong and all stay on course!! Cannot wait for your next round of inspiration through food and exercise for us all...We need you!!!!"


No Excuse November is currently closed. To see what menus and workouts are available right now, check out my Fit & Fresh Group Program page for details. 



* Fit With Deb alumni (those who've previously participated in my virtual programs): 

please enjoy your reduced $10 off price instead of clicking the "Buy Now" link!

(virtual programs include Spring Shape-Up Solutions, Summer Sizzles, September Sizzle, Flat Abs program, Thin Thighs program, or EATfit program)


* In order to join the secret Facebook group, let's be friends!  Please send me a friend request (Debbie White Wilkins Baisden).  Not on Facebook?  No problem!  I"ll email you our No Excuse November content!


Questions?  I love them!  Message me at


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