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  • Debbie Baisden

Win a Full Scholarship!

I'm super excited about this weekend! Why? Because my current challenge group, Summer Strong, is coming to a close which means I am about to reward these amazing women with CASH + PRIZES! They've been working hard for 8 weeks and I am beyond proud!

While I get sad when a challenge ends, I often tell these ladies, "Onward and upward we go!" So while it's bittersweet that it's ending, it means a NEW PROGRAM is about to unleash!!!!

I am so giddy! The program is not yet open to join, but I'll keep you posted on the details of when it launches! I've been working behind-the-scenes, filming brand-new workout videos, assembling delicious recipes, and designing your structure for success!

For the FIRST TIME EVER, I'm offering a FULL SCHOLARSHIP for our upcoming "Fit For Fall" challenge! That's right, you have the chance to join for F-R-E-E!!!!

Whether you've done countless Fit With Deb programs, or you've never done a program, you can apply for a FULL SCHOLARSHIP and get the whole shebang for $0!

To apply, you must meet ALL of the following criteria:

>> Willing to seriously commit 100% for the entire length of the program (which will end mid-December)

>> Stay consistently active in our private Facebook group (this means interacting regularly every week AND refusing to disengage AND following our action plan)

>> Maintain compliance to our fitness, nutrition, rest, and relaxation framework (this does NOT mean you become a perfect robot, by the way)

>> Invite other female friends and family to start their success stories by joining Fit For Fall (which actually increases motivation, support, encouragement, and accountability)

>> Permission for me to share your story publicly (so I can brag on you)

>> Posting on your social media at least once a week about how your Fit With Deb journey is going


How to apply to win the full scholarship:

* Message Fit With Deb on social media OR email me --- tell me why you deserve to win the full scholarship as well as your willingness to meet the above listed criteria (if you do not share both aspects, you will not be considered)

* Deadline is Wednesday, September 21, at 6:00amEST (applications received after this time will not be considered) (winner will be notified on September 21)

* Got questions? Email

* Know a friend who's the perfect fit? Share this article!




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