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  • Debbie Baisden

My Stupid Back - Any Suggestions?

I haven't sent an update lately on my stupid back. My back has been hurting for, oh, around a dozen years. Unfortunately, pain has a chain reaction effect, so the area of pain has expanded over time.

I'd love YOUR help. Do you have suggestions for me? Just email me ( and share your wisdom.

Here is what I've tried without success:​


* Dry needling

* Massage and massage guns

* cupping

* PT

* x-rays and scans

* various injections

* strength training (and stretching)

* creams and oils and Epson salts

* tens unit stimulation

* prescription pills

* back stretchers and inversion table

* flotation tank

* chiropractic care

* nerve ablations

* inversion table

* CBD stuff

* recoiling

* cryotherapy

* eating pretty clean

* hyperbaric chamber

Thank you so much for your expertise and care! I look forward to hearing from you!​



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